Wow, this is powerful.

If you didn’t already know, there has been a terrible outbreak of the disease ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Ebola can be deadly, and so the government has started putting people into quarantine to stop the spread of the disease.

A photographer named Will Swanson who works in Africa recently posted an amazing photo on his Twitter showing a priest in quarantine being prayed over by his bishop from afar. He credits an entrepreneur named Katako Arnold for the photo.

Here’s the tweet:

@willswamson, Twitter

The tweet reads: “Incredible image of a priest with ebola being prayed for from afar by his bishop in DRC. There is an outbreak of ebola in the country but officials say it can be contained #EbolaDRC #DRC #Ebola via @arnoldkatako”.

In a followup tweet, Katako Arnold says the priest was Fr. Lucien and that he has since recovered. Praise the Lord!

Say a prayer for all those still suffering from ebola in DRC!

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