I am seriously speechless. This is so powerful!

On this episode of "The Catholic Talk Show," Ryan Scheel, Ryan DellaCrosse, and Father Rich Pagano discuss “The Chosen” series with actor Jonathan Roumie. The guys also discuss “what Jesus would have looked like according to scripture, sacred art, archaeology, and miraculous visions.”

Roumie shares the amazing story of how he came to play Jesus, involving his deeply personal connection to the Divine Mercy.

"I always thought I would love to have an image of the Divine Mercy for my apartment...three days later after this prayer, this image showed up outside," he says.

Roumie also mentions how many historical and cultural considerations were taken into account for his role in “The Chosen.” He explains they “went through all of this because they were endeavoring to make this in this project to be one of the most historically authentic depictions of Jesus and that time period that's ever been put on film.”

While discussing what Jesus actually looked like, Roumie recites the "Our Father" in Aramaic!

Aramaic is the original language Jesus spoke throughout his earthly life. 

He first learned the prayer for his role in "The Last Days" play because he wanted “a first-century Aramaic translation of the 'Our Father' that I could use as a part of a teaching moment in the passion that we do.”

Roumie prays the "Our Father" flawlessly! He says he uses “a Middle Eastern accent based on my uncle’s wife who is from Palestine and my father’s Egyptian accent.” It is so beautiful!

Now, Roumie says “playing Christ has become something of a ministry and an evangelization tool, and a way to use my gifts and talents to serve God quite literally.”

Listen below to Jonathan Roumie Pray the "Our Father" in Aramaic:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

How amazing!

Have you heard the "Our Father" in Aramaic before?

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