The witches are at it again–but this time, their target is Brett Kavanaugh.

Making headlines this week is an event hosted by a New York City bookstore that describes itself as “metaphysical boutique and occult bookshop.”

The event entitled, “Ritual to Hex Brett Kavanaugh II” plans to curse the new Supreme Court Associate Justice.

Here is a description of the event on their Facebook page:


In the description, the store explained that they will cast a “public hex on Brett Kavanaugh and upon all rapists and patriarchy, which emboldens, rewards and protects them.”

They continued, “He will be the focal point, but by no means the only target, so bring your rage and and all of the axes you’ve got to grind.”

The bookstore also said on its website that they will donate to 25 percent of each $10 ticket purchase to Planned Parenthood.

This is not the first time they hosted an event like this. Last year, the same bookstore hosted three hex events targeted towards President Donald Trump.

Exorcist: “These are Real Evil People”

The National Catholic Register’s Patti Armstrong reported an exorcist’s response to the event.

Fr. Gary Thomas, an exorcist in the Catholic Diocese of San Jose, California, said that he’s “appalled,” and sent the information to other exorcists. They expressed similar reactions to the news.

He said, “That shows this is not something that is make believe.”

The exorcist added that these witches obviously believe in “personified evil.”

He said, “They are going to direct the evil to have a permanently adverse effect on the Supreme Court justice.”

However, Fr. Thomas explained that if the person targeted is in the state of grace, the curse will “have little or no effect.”

Although, if the person is not in the state of grace, he said that “he has witnessed harm come upon people such as physical illness, psychosis, depression and having demons attach to them.”

Fr. Thomas concluded, “The decision to do this against a Supreme Court justice is a heinous act and says a lot about the character of these people that should not be underestimated or dismissed…These are real evil people.”

Exorcist Encourages Prayer

What can the faithful do?

Fr. Thomas told ChurchPOP that he encourages prayer.

“Pray against any kind of hex attempted by the coven of witches to affect Justice Kavanaugh in any kind of physical, spiritual, or mental way,” he said.

He encouraged “prayers to Our Lord, Our Blessed Mother, St. Michael, and the communion of saints, especially St. Benedict, St. Padre Pio, St. John Paul II and St. John Vianney.

Will you pray?

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