Abby Johnson, prominent pro-life leader who is currently visibly pregnant, was pushed into the street at the Women’s March in Washington D.C., apparently by pro-choicers upset by the presence of pro-lifers at the event. She was then protected by other participants in the march.

“Things didn’t get crazy until we joined up with another prolife group,” Johnson, who is a former Planned Parenthood clinic director turned pro-life leader, explained in a Facebook post. “I think, as a large group, we were seen as a threat.

That’s when a group of three people came barreling into me and knocked me onto the road. It was definitely deliberate…but I honestly expected much worse.”

Right away, other people at the march came to her defense.

Thanks to the Women’s March team who formed a security line to protect us after I got pushed into the road,” she wrote on Twitter.

The Women’s March, which took place the day after the inauguration of Donald Trump as U.S. president, was explicitly pro-abortion according to the “Unity Principles” listed on its website. The march also described itself as being pro-LGBTQIA rights, against violence against women, pro-disability rights, pro-civil rights, and for environmental justice.

Despite the assault, Johnson remained positive about her time at the march as a whole.

“Overall, it was a very good day. Lots of walking for a pregnant gal, but I’m so glad I was here. […] [E]ven in the craziness, I was thankful.

“Thankful that I’m no longer part of the group chanting ‘my body, my choice.’ Thankful for the conversations I had with women at the March. Thankful that someone was there to be a witness for the unborn and their mothers.”

Here’s Johnson’s Facebook post:

Abby Johnson: ProWoman, ProChild, ProLife, Facebook

And here’s her Tweet about being defended:

@AbbyJohnson, Twitter

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