Please pray for this priest and all victims involved!

Fr. Aleksander Zajewski of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Poland was brutally attacked and beaten in the sacristy by three men on the evening of July 28 just before the 6 p.m. Mass.

According EWTN Polska, the 68-year-old parish priest said a woman called him from the sacristy saying three men were fighting. The woman could not handle the situation alone.

Upon arriving, Fr. Zajewski tried asking the men to leave. The men allegedly wanted to rob the church of its chasuble.

He said, “one of them got angry, started blaspheming, pushed the sacristan, and hit the gentleman guarding the church, cutting his lip.

“He then attacked me. I managed to defend myself several times,” Fr. Zajewski continued. “”I was amazed. [My face] was flooded with blood.”

Fr. Zajewski said the attacker allegedly wrapped a rosary around his hand, using the brass knuckles technique to beat him.

The priest also said once he could “open the door to the church,” he “shouted that there was a robbery and asked for someone to call the police.”

The three men, between the ages of 27-53, are now in Szczecin police custody.

Below is an interview with Fr. Aleksander Zajewski:

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Catholic News Agency reported that a spokesperson for the incident requests prayers for all involved.

“We recommend offering [prayers for] the victims of this brutal beating, as well as praying for the conversion and repentance of the perpetrators,” the spokesperson said.

This is the second attack on a Polish priest within the last several weeks.

Fr. Ireneusz Bakalarczyk of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Wrocław was stabbed on June 10 in the chest and abdomen, causing severe injuries.

The 57-year-old perpetrator began a conversation with the parish priest about the sex abuse scandals shortly before the 7 a.m. Mass, then attacked him.

Fr. Bakalarczyk experienced internal injuries, which resulted in hospitalization and surgery.

Let us pray for the protection of our priests!

Our Lady, please pray for and protect our priests!

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