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Archdiocese of Los Angeles priest Fr. Goyo Hidalgo recently revealed the moment he knew he “really wanted to be a priest.”

He said he took the picture in the tweet below during 2011’s World Youth Day in Madrid. He was a first-year seminarian at the time.

Here’s his full tweet below:

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Fr. Goyo’s full tweet reads, “I took this picture in 2011, during World Youth Day in Madrid. I was a 1st year seminarian. Seeing a priest kneeling hearing confessions impacted me tremendously. I knew right then that I really wanted to be a priest.

“Forgiveness changed my life. Don’t be afraid of confession.”

Fr. Goyo posted this tweet alongside a photo of a priest hearing confession. The photo is simple, but presents an amazing statement about the power of confession!

Several users positively responded.  Some even explained their own reconciliation stories!

Here’s what some users said below:

@carlinef13, Twitter

This user responded, “Confession can be life changing. I remember almost twenty years ago, when Christ was calling me to be closer to Him, and I made my first confession, after not having gone in years before that. I felt so good afterwards: freed, loved, renewed, felt the love of God.”

@beloved1one, Twitter

Another user responded, “Thank you. I need to see this. It’s been too long.”

@metsgiants64, Twitter

This user added, “Thank you for answering God’s call. We need Priests who wish to serve God and us.”

@Rosiedell, Twitter

Another user tweeted, “That is a very powerful picture of forgiveness. Thank you for sharing and giving hope to those afraid.”

@gailfinke, Twitter

Another user added, “Bless you and all priests!”

Thank you, Fr. Goyo, for responding to your call!

May God bless our priests!

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