This is a bit of surprise!

In a new viral video, a priest asks Alexa, the digital assistant on his new Amazon Echo devices, who founded the Catholic Church… and she gives the right answer!

Fr. Jason Signalness, a priest in the diocese of Bismarck, first asks Alexa who founded the Lutheran church, the Methodist church, Mormonism, and evangelical Protestantism. Each time, Alexa gives the correct human founder: Martin Luther, John Wesley, Joseph Smith, and John Wesley again for evangelical Protestantism.

Then he asks Alexa who founded the Catholic Church, and she answers plainly: “The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus.”

Our Editor has tested this with his own Amazon Echo and can confirm that this is really how Alexa answers!

Of course, the Amazon corporation is likely not intentionally taking sides on this question. Alexa is simply getting her answers from some source that gives those answers automatically. And to be fair, if you try asking Alexa who founded the Eastern Orthodox Church, you also get the answer Jesus Christ.

Here’s the video:

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