Run, sprint…cannonball into Mercy!

Don’t believe the lie. The sacrament of Confession is one of the greatest things on the face of the Earth! Why is this?

Simply put, it’s due to the fact that we are guaranteed, after making a humble and entirely sincere Confession, to have the Blood of Jesus Christ flow upon our souls.

This is the Blood that saves! My friend, this is the Ultimate Cleanser!

St. Thomas Aquinas states that this Blood can cleanse the entire universe of sin with just one drop!

Every time I have the sublime honor of participating in this Sacrament as a priest, I can almost see the Blood flowing from my hand as I grant the penitent absolution–setting them free from their sins.

Let me reiterate what Our Lord Himself stated to St. Faustina about this beautiful sacrament of Divine Mercy:

When you go to confession, to this fountain of mercy, the Blood and Water which came forth from My Heart always flows down upon your soul.” (Diary of St. Faustina, 1602)

Let’s take a moment and unpack this beautiful passage.

When you step into the Confessional, you immerse into a “fountain of mercy.” You are doing a cannonball into the divine wellsprings of Mercy! I want to encourage you to jump in. The water is abundant, warm, and oozing with forgiveness!

Notice what else Our Lord says: “the Blood and Water which came forth from My Heart ALWAYS flows down upon your soul.”

Confession is a chance encounter with the Heart of the Redeemer–a guarantee of immersion in the Blood that flowed forth on the day of the Crucifixion!

Let me share what happened the first time I really confessed all my sins.

This occurred at the University of Missouri campus in 2007.

After a humble, entire, and sincere confession, in which I literally spewed out my sins mixed with tears, I exited the Church after having completed my penance.  Once I walked into the sunshine, colors were literally different.

I am not being poetic or metaphorical. I saw colors more vividly than ever before. What could possibly have been the reason for this?

I know what it was. It was the Precious Blood of Jesus degreasing my soul, a million times stronger than dish soap.  It was an encounter with the sacred humanity of the Son of God in the person of the priest, and our Good Lord removed scales from my eyes!

Please, dear brothers and sisters: make a break for it! Run forth into freedom! No matter how stained, dirty, or greasy your baptismal garment is, run with trust into the arms of your loving Savior.

Do to a cannonball into the sacred pool of Divine Mercy and never look back. 

When you come out of that pool filled with the Blood and Water of Jesus, you will be ennobled, enabled, and connected to love your Heavenly Father more than ever.

All of your brothers and sisters will profit from it, the angels will rejoice, and you will have assurance that you are in communion with the Holy Trinity.

Once again, do not hesitate. Run with vigor to cannonball into that Sacred Pool.

“O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fountain of mercy for us, I trust in You!”

St. Faustina, please pray that everyone reading this article will run into the embrace of our Merciful Savior. St. Michael and all the Holy Angels, protect them on their way to the pool!

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