This is such a hilarious video that makes an AMAZING point!

March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day, which “celebrates the lives of people with down syndrome, ensuring they have the same freedoms and opportunities as everyone else.”

Laura Klassen, the founder and director of the pro-life advocacy group Choice42, recently posted an amazing YouTube video honoring World Down Syndrome Day. Using hilarious satire, she enlightens viewers of the crazy eugenics logic behind aborting down syndrome babies.

Klassen narrates the video while sitting beside an anonymous, young, down syndrome girl with blue hair.

She opens with the statement, “I love people who have blue hair, but like, after they’re born though. (No offense.)”

She continues, “I totally respect and value you as a human being…now. But before you were born, it was a completely different story. Just saying.

“Thanks to prenatal genetic testing,  we can now ‘off’ all the people who have blue hair before they ever see the light of day. That’s compassion.”

She then continues with an amazing mockery of eugenics.

Watch her full satire below:

What a great video! What did you think?

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