This is a beautiful representation of Christ’s love!

In a recent tweet posted by The Dad, an 88-year-old father and his 53-year-old Down syndrome son reunite after they spent a week away from each other for the first time EVER.

The son races down the escalator to greet his father in a loving and heartfelt embrace. The two family members hug and kiss one another, showing how deep their love truly is!

My heart swells just watching it!

You can view the full video below:


(If you can’t see the video, view it here.)

The video was posted only a few days ago, and it already has more than 10 million views. There are thousands of reactions, those of which include Sr. Miram James Heidland, SOLT, actress Patricia Heaton and actor Sean Maguire.

Here are their reactions:

@onegroovynun, Twitter


@PatriciaHeaton, Twitter


@sean_m_maguire, Twitter


The text of Sister Miram James’ tweet reads, “Ah! So incredibly beautiful and heart piercing!! We all want to love and be loved like this👇🏻”

Patricia Heaton’s tweet reads, “More of this please.”

Sean Maguire said, “Ok this is today’s good cry. This is pure love. So beautiful”

Other users also expressed their love for the video:

This user said, “My youngest brother was born with three holes in his heart and subsequently diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Now his heart is bigger than anyone’s, and I don’t know who I’d be without his example in my life.”

Another user added, “Such a precious moment! If you love someone, love them completely, cherish them, say it but most importantly show them. Life is fragile and just because someone is there one day, they might not be the next. Never take that for granted.❤”

And it is pure love! Let us work to love one another in this way, each and every day!

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