EWTN’s CEO and Chairman Michael Warsaw just issued an editorial piece in the New York Post!

EWTN celebrates a major victory after battling the Obama administration for the last seven years over the contraception mandate.

In the article, Warsaw said, “Left unchallenged, the mandate would have required us to use our employee health care plan to provide services such as the week-after pill in violation of our religious beliefs.”

He continued, explaining Mother Angelica’s founding of the network and its promise to remain completely faithful to the teachings of the Church.

“Millions of faithful Catholic viewers turn to us because they know they can trust us to align our programming and operations with the Catholic Church’s teaching. We’re Catholic through and through,” Warsaw said.

The Catholic Church is very clear in its opposition of contraception and abortion.

Warsaw then explained that seven years ago, the network was forced to fight this battle and “defend our right to be who we are.”

“Under the Affordable Care Act, the administration insisted that employers cover a wide range of contraceptives, including the week-after pill, in their employee health care plans,” he said.

“For EWTN, this fight was necessary,” he added.

Warsaw said that when the Trump administration created a rule protecting religious organizations from the mandate, “state attorneys general raced into court and received nationwide injunctions, delaying the permanent fix.”

Therefore, EWTN finally reached a settlement that “remains durable regardless of which administration was holding the regulatory pen.”

EWTN is now “free to follow its faith”! What a wonderful victory!

Let us pray for all organizations who must fight this same battle for religious freedom.

Click here to read CEO Michael Warsaw’s full article in the New York Post.

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