Please pray for Chile!

On Friday, Nov. 8, approximately 75,000 rioters gathered in Santiago, Chile’s streets, and La Asuncion Catholic Church became a target.

The hooded crowd of looters set fire to multiple sacred objects, including Catholic statues, church pews, and sacred paintings from La Asuncion Church in Santiago Chile. They also desecrated the church’s inside.

Protests began three weeks ago regarding the increased subway fares, with “students jumping the turnstiles,” but “quickly turned into clashes, looting and arson.”

The protesters’ demands later increased to include better health care, improvements in education, as well as criticisms of the pension system.

“We still haven’t achieved anything, so we’re going to keep protesting,”  said 17-year-old student Ginette Pérez, who was also part of the Friday riot.

“I’ll still be paying my degree…in 20 or 30 years,” said 28-year-old veterinary student Nicole Muñoz.

Here’s some photos of the damage:

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@Robkearney1981, Twitter

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Here’s a video of the Catholic Church riot and vandalism below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Here’s another video of the riots:

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Chilean bishops condemned the violence, saying “along with so many Chileans, we radically oppose injustice and violence, condemning it in all its forms.”

They added that the “attack on temples and places of prayer, without any respect for God or for those who believe in Him, causes us pain”.

Diocese of Santiago Bishop Celestino Aós encouraged the faithful, inviting them to turn to the Blessed Mother and to “renew their commitment to peace.” He concluded with the prayer of St. Francis.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good,” the bishop said. “It is time to go with the Virgin Mary and renew our commitment to be instruments of peace.”

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