Catholic men have followed suit in a powerful letter to Pope Francis!

As more than 30,000 women signed a letter to Pope Francis pleading for answers, Catholic men also petitioned Pope Francis, except in slightly different way.

The letter, (pictured below), which was posted Sept 5, asks both the Holy Father and the Bishops of the United States to “purge the corruption which has so grotesquely disfigured the face of Christ’s Bride.”

Asking for answers to the Catholic women’s questions regarding Viganò’s allegations, they add, “What are you (Pope Francis) doing and what will you do to protect the people of God?”

The letter states that due to the abuse, “many families are reluctant to send their sons to seminary. Efforts at evangelization have been crippled. And distrust from donors jeopardizes the Church’s ability to serve the poor, promote environmental stewardship, and carry out works of mercy.”

Towards the end of the letter, they state their commitment “to serious and difficult fasting for the next seventeen Fridays, beginning this Friday, September 7 through the end of the calendar year,” adding that they “desire nothing more than to become saints amidst scandal.”

The men conclude the letter by pleading that Pope Francis “be courageous and not afraid,” adding that they entrust the cause to the Blessed Mother and that they “will fight to the very end.”

You can read the full letter below:

Letter to Pope Francis, Catholic Men United for Christ

Many Catholic male figures in the Church have already signed the letter, including Catholic Theologian Scott Hahn, as well as Doug Barry, Founder and President of Radix – Battle Ready. American politician Jeb Bush also shared the letter on Twitter.

Here are their reactions:

Scott Hahn, Twitter

Doug Barry, Twitter

Jeb Bush, Twitter

What are your thoughts about the letter?

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