According to the video’s description on YouTube, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society were holding a peaceful protest outside a Planned Parenthood in Detroit, Michigan, when a group of Satanists showed up an offered a bizarre counter-protest.

The satanic group consisted of around 10 individuals, most of whom were wearing masks of baby faces and black leather clothes. One person appeared to be dressed up as a Catholic priest. They acted out weird and grotesque scenes in front of the pro-lifers.

When asked by a pro-lifer what the purpose of their strange demonstration was, one of the satanists explained: “We’re talking about the abstraction and fetishization of the fetal image as one that… diminishes women’s power.” The satanist added she thought pro-lifers made the fetus into a kind of god. When the pro-lifer said “nobody in the pro-life movement considers an unborn child to be a god,” the satanist responded that putting fetal images “on large posters outside of the woman’s body, actually does deify them.”

The whole thing is very strange.

Here’s a video of the spectacle (warning: the video has disturbing scenes):

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