Do we underestimate Satan's influence in modern Catholicism?

In a recent episode of "The Catholic Gentleman," host John Heinen with special guest Charles Fraune dive deep into the pressing issue of the rise of New Age practices and occult beliefs.

"The yearning for mystical experiences is built within us, but without the Church, her spiritual weapons, and her truthful teachings to guide each of us, everyone is at risk,” Fraune says.

While most of us are familiar with horoscopes, tarot cards, and Ouija boards, few understand the sinister allure they hold.

Many seek spiritual experiences, and in the absence of solid catechesis and reverence in the Church, they find themselves inadvertently plunging into the "black waters" of the occult.

Fraune warns, "It's very dangerous with things like following your horoscopes, practicing yoga, and astrology. You're entering into the black waters and then you realize those black waters don't clean off unless you have a supernatural solution."

The guys also discussed the infiltration of pagan practices into our beloved Church.

Many, feeling the void left by sanitized and diluted teachings, have inadvertently started blending pagan rituals with Catholic worship.

"The world has never needed more solid teaching and direction, which Our Lord wishes to give to the world through His Church," Fraune emphasized.

A particularly alarming point was raised about the parallels between the occult and traditional Church practices.

The human inclination towards tangible representations of faith is unmistakable.

Heinen illustrated, "Obviously the need for these incarnational tangible aspects is what helps our faith, but unguided, without right direction, we still have that yearning within our hearts and so we start creating these false and demonic substitutes for them."

Not to feel left in despair, the hosts explain that we can find hope within the traditional sacramentals of the Catholic Church, the transformative power of the Traditional Latin Mass, and reverence inspired by the rosary.

"We, as Catholics, need to stand in the breach; we need to be aware of this stuff so that we can bring others to The powerful love of Christ," Heinen says.

They offer a profound message: the Church, with its rich traditions and sacramentals, possesses the tools to reclaim the faithful from the enticing clutches of the occult.

Yet, this requires awareness, courage, and unwavering commitment to live a truly sacramental life.

Watch the episode below:

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Let’s rise, rediscover, and reclaim the treasures of our faith!

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