Actor Shia LaBeouf recently told ChurchPOP that he currently takes RCIA classes and will receive confirmation within the next year.

ChurchPOP English editor Jacqueline Burkepile asked the actor where he considers himself in his current spiritual journey during a May 23 interview regarding his upcoming movie, "Padre Pio."

He responded with his plans for receiving the sacrament of confirmation within the next year.

"I'm in RCIA. I'm scheduled to be confirmed in seven months and I hope Bishop [Robert] Barron comes down to confirm me. But we'll see," he said. "I'm in RCIA right now and once a week I get on the horn with Fr. Bobby and we talk shop."

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LaBeouf described his spiritual journey in a 2022 interview with Bishop Robert Barron. However, due to his filming schedule, he was unable to complete all of his RCIA preparation.

Brother Alex Rodriguez, OFM Cap., told CNA in 2022 that LaBeouf discovered that his uncle, a Methodist pastor, baptized him at 13. The Capuchins then allowed him to receive communion while filming "Padre Pio."

The actor later revealed to Jacqueline Burkepile that because of his "all-access pass to Catholicism" while filming, he "found his way."

LaBeouf said that he spent much of his time living a cloistered lifestyle with Benedictine monks.

"Everybody else in the movie is religious. They are religious. They are in the order. So it's really easy to get lost and wrapped up in the salvific nature of their lifestyles," he explained.

"We were really protected," LaBeouf added. "We were filming in and around a monastery. When we weren't in the monastery, we were at actual locations where Pio lived and studied and practiced his faith. So it was really easy to get totally lost in the whole thing.

"In so doing, I really found my way."

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Disclaimer: ChurchPOP is not endorsing the "Padre Pio" film. This article is for informational purposes only.

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