The NBC comedy skit show Saturday Night Live talked about something that many pro-choicers like to forget: that early feminists were against abortion.

In this particular skit, a group of women are touring the house of Susan B. Anthony when they summon the long dead woman so they can thank her. Anthony ends up just being annoying to them as they try to arrange for taxis to take them home.

Just as they are leaving, Anthony encourages them, “A woman is just as good as a man.” The women all nod and say thank you. Then Anthony adds, “Also, abortion is murder!” The women are all surprised and the skit ends.

Anthony and many other early feminists were against abortion, viewing it both as murder and a sign that men had failed in their responsibilities toward women.

A week later, SNL admitted that feminists can be “pro-life” while cracking jokes about the Women’s March.

Here’s a video of the skit (the abortion line comes at the very end):

If the video doesn’t work, you can try viewing it here.

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