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During the Clemson Tigers vs. Alabama Crimson Tide NCAA football game on Monday, Jan. 7,  one of the Clemson football players expressed gratitude by making a sign that is all-too-familiar to Catholics.

Travis Etienne, a running back for the Clemson Tigers in South Carolina, made the sign of the cross, celebrating and thanking God for their victory in the end zone.

Senior editor Matthew Schmitz of First Things Magazine posted the video to twitter.

Watch the video below:

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@AndrewBeckNYC, Twitter

This user said, “Catholic twitter doth rejoice”

Another user said, “Catholics FTW,” with a GIF of a tennis player also making the sign of the cross.

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This user also said, “He did it on each of his scores.”

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Another user said, “God give us strength!”

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This user added, “That’s the way to give glory to God.”

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It sure is! 😁🥰 What did you think of the video?

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