This pregnant mama is hitting the cereal aisle!

Molly Baz, a best-selling cookbook author with an Instagram following of 787,000, partnered with Special K cereal to highlight pregnant moms.

They featured an expecting mother on a cereal box for what they claim to be the first time in history.

In an Instagram post, Baz shared, “Real talk, this campaign, which we shot at 39 weeks [pregnant], is all about celebrating pregnancy, and giving more air time and representation—with a cereal box as our billboard— to pregnant women and their very special, very real, pregnant bodies, everywhere.”

CNN shared that this partnership was a part of Special K’s “Special for a Reason” marketing campaign which hopes to feature people in their ads that will inspire others. Special K stated that they wanted to give Baz the platform to “empower expectant mothers nationwide.”

Users celebrated Baz and her pregnancy journey by showering her with positive comments.

One user stated, “Your preggo journey has made me feel so much more positive about my pregnancy! Thanks for the preggo positivity.”

Another said, “OH.MY.GOSH. You are on [fire]!!!! Congrats! This is mindblowing."

Others shared their excitement for pregnancy representation in the media.

One comment said, “More preggo bellies on marketing campaigns!!! 👏 We love to see it!"

Another user honored Special K by commenting, “More like 'Special SLAY'.”

Baz and Special K gave pregnant women the opportunity to be in the spotlight. One user highlighted this by commenting, “Dude–ICONIC! Women are INCREDIBLE BEINGS!”

Some users were upset that Baz partnered with a company that in the past has suggested families could cut back on grocery costs by eating cereal for dinner, but ultimately, she was overwhelmed by praise.

The Special K Original® x Molly Baz Collab Box, which is now on sale on the Kellogg's website, includes a special message from Baz which states,

“I believe that pregnancy and the journey it entails should be celebrated for all that is: exciting, scary, messy, uncomfortable, unpredictable, beautiful, and transformative. So does Special K.”
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