You don’t see this on prime time television very often!

A recent performance by singer Christian Cuevas on The Voice was not only beautiful but also managed to turn the hall into a worship service!

As Cuevas sang out “To Worship You I Live,” audience members sang along and lifted up their hands in praise to God. Lifting up hands while singing is a common practice among evangelical and pentecostal Christians while singing worship songs and comes from the Bible. Cuevas also ended his song surrounded by a group of performers lifting up their hands.

On Twitter, Cuevas later wrote: “So glad that I was able to share God with y’all. Now please go vote! Please!” His Twitter profile reads, “Above everything…God.

“Whether you’re doing an uptempo, fun song or a sad song or a song of faith and worship like you just did, you have the ability to make us feel,” Blake Shelton, one of the judges, said of Cuevas’ performance. “That’s the mark of a great artist.”

You can see audience members lifting their hands in worship here:

The Voice, YouTube

And here’s a video of the amazing performance:

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