Praise God for her bravery! 💪

“Spy Kids” and Hallmark actress Alexa PenaVega sat down with Students for Life “Speak Out” host Christine Yeargin for an interview discussing the actress’s pro-life position.

PenaVega, who is best known for her role as Carmen Cortz in the “Spy Kids” film series, discusses multiple topics, including her early childhood and upbringing, her current family life and marriage to Carlos PenaVega, their three children, and the importance of her Christian faith.

The 34-year-old wife and mother also covers how she handles her pro-life position in a very pro-abortion Hollywood atmosphere.

In this beautiful interview, PeneVega also tells a miraculous story about how she helped save a baby from abortion.

PenaVega explains that a “well-known” man on Instagram reached out to her for help with a pregnant teenage girl considering abortion. He also involved the expecting girl’s sister, who said the girl is a fan of PenaVega.

They asked PenaVega to join a Zoom call to help “talk her out of it.”

“For about an hour and a half, we all spoke, and I just told her about the joy that I have with my kids, and the greatest thing that I ever felt was being able to tuck them in at night, seeing their beautiful little sleeping faces, and touching them…and the little tickles on their heads because that’s their favorite to fall asleep,” she said.

“Those are moments that just are so life-giving. They’re so simple, and yet they’re the most beautiful things you can experience as a mom…I don’t know how else to explain that to you other than it will change your life,” PeneVega also said to the girl.

The actress said that upon ending the phone call, the group did not know if they convinced the young mom. They felt like “it could really go either way.”

“I told her everything I could, and I tried to say that I understand the position you’re in and how hard that might be, but you know, we will be here for you.”

“What’s wild is she decided to keep the baby,” PenaVega then revealed. “I have a relationship with her and I get to see this baby on social media, and literally I can’t tell you how many times I see this beautiful little girl.”

PenaVega says that when she sees the baby girl social media, she “starts bawling,” because she “could have not been here.”

However, PenaVega adds that she cannot take complete credit for this life-saving action.

“It all came down to the mom…It was her mom’s decision and choice to keep her, but even to play the tiniest role in that girl’s life–I will forever feel connected to her,” she reiterated.

“It’s incredible. It’s a wild experience.”

Here’s the full interview below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

At the end of the interview, PenaVega concludes, “What do you have to lose that is greater than life? Life is all we have. If you have an opportunity to save a life, it will change their life. So speak up.”

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