Reporter and anchor Jordan Segundo of CBS News in Sacramento, Calif. unveiled what he believes is a "sign of hope" for Maui.

Segundo is on the ground reporting the fires in Hawaii.

As of this writing, approximately 114 people died as a result of the wildfires, and an estimated 1,000 people may be unaccounted for.

In one Lahaina neighborhood, Segundo encountered a statue of Our Lady. It remained perfectly intact, while the homes behind it burned to ruins.

The homes in front of the statue remained standing.

"The amazing thing about this neighborhood though is on the other side of the street, these homes are all standing, but their view now is of a torched Lahaina," Segundo begins.

"We spoke with [a resident] there, and she says, 'Yeah, my house is standing, but my view is of Santa Maria.' She said this is a test for them to stay strong."

Watch Segundo's video below:

Several users responded to Segundo's photos and video.

"This 2023 Hawaiian photo will forever be a memory to everyone. It was left standing for a reason," Instagram user Sandy Delise commented.

"Blessed Mother watch over those impacted. Thank you for this miracle. God is with his people," another user said.

"It’s amazing how God shows us hope in these times. In constant Prayers, my friends," Shelley Rodgers Martell added.

Segundo also shows television viewers this "sign of hope" in a CBS News report.

Broadcast news anchor Tony Lopez adds that seeing Our Lady standing gave him chills.

"Even through all the destruction and all of the rubble, I want to show you a sign of hope. Right here. You can see this sign," Segundo says as he walks to the statue of the Blessed Mother.

Segundo then adds that the neighbor across the street whose home was spared said, "Yep. That was protecting my house."

"I bet many of our viewers just experienced what I did: chills," Lopez says. "I got chills just seeing that statue."

Here's the report below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

The statue of Our Lady is not the only Catholic entity to remain untouched.

On Aug. 11, a video of Maria Lanakila Catholic Church in Lahaina surfaced. The church appeared relatively untouched, while also surrounded by ruins.

Community members also consider this a miracle.

Let us pray for all those affected by the Maui fires!

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