Wow! God is so good! 🙌

Lebanon experienced a deadly explosion in Beirut on Aug. 4, 2020. The blast caused more than 200 casualties, thousands of injuries, and destroyed much of the city. It also left over 300,000 people homeless.

God does not abandon us, however. Photos of a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary surviving the explosion surfaced. The statue appears to be a grotto on the side of a building in Beirut.

These photos truly exemplify Our Lady’s love for her children!

Here’s photos below:

@maronitas_es, Twitter

The translated tweet reads, “Nice photo in Beirut: That’s a statue of the Mother of God on a street in Beirut. Everything behind her is destroyed and her statue survived the explosion. 🇱🇧 💔 😇”

Here’s the enlarged photos:

@maronitas_es, Twitter

@maronitas_es, Twitter

Several users commented on the photos with gratitude for Christ’s faithfulness.

Here’s what some people said:

@lui_busta, Twitter

This user’s translated tweet reads, “Why in the end she, our Blessed Virgin Mary will prevail and reign, it is thus without hesitation, her mother’s heart will triumph, together with the Holy Trinity.”

@Leslymd23, Twitter

Another user’s translated tweet reads, “One more demonstration of the many that the Virgin Mary gives us, that even in the midst of destruction, she remains unscathed. / Thus, it must be our faith, intercede for your children, Virgin beloved. 🙏”

@AhmarHawa, Twitter

This user’s translated tweet also reads, “In the End, Her Immaculate Heart Will Triumph”.

@2011Adosinda, Twitter

Another user’s translated tweet reads, “Mary is the mantle of wonderful light–that mantle protects everything, as well as Jesus. HOLY MARY.”

Our Lady of Lebanon, please pray for Beirut!

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