In case you missed it, last night the Philadelphia Eagles bested the New England Patriots 41 – 33 to win Super Bowl LII.

And in the midst of the celebrations, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson gave all the glory to his “Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

“How do you explain this: that 9 years ago you were coaching at a high and here you are with this pro team,” the interviewer asked him.

I can only give the praise to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ,” Pederson responded, “for giving me this opportunity.

He continued: “And I’m going to tell you something. I’ve got the best players in the world, and it’s a resilient group. I love this coaching staff. Mr. Lurie, the owner. And not only do we have the best fans in the world, we now have the best team in the world. Thank you guys.”

Here’s a video:

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