This is what faith looks like.

Aleppo, Syria has been a focus of intense fighting between the Assad regime and rebels. Before the civil war, it was the largest city in Syria with over 2 million inhabitants. Today, there are only a few thousand people left, and many of them are awaiting buses to leave the bombed out remains of the city.

But that doesn’t mean the Christian population can’t celebrate Christmas.

Several hundred Syrian Christians in Aleppo defiantly celebrated Christmas in public recently, complete with a tree lighting ceremony – only to have the event interrupted by a bomb blast. Fortunately, it appears there were no casualties to the attack.

Here are a few video showing these amazing events:

Christians in Aleppo prepare their public Christmas celebration:

Here’s a video of their beautiful tree lighting ceremony:

And here you can see the aftermath of the bomb attack on their celebration:

God have mercy on the Christians of the middle east!

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