A Portuguese teenager with a serious illness cannot participate in World Youth Day and Pope Francis responded: "[Edna] I accompany you on this journey you are making."

Edna is a 17-year-old Portuguese girl affected by a serious illness, from which she suffered for the last eight years.

The girl wrote a letter to Pope Francis in which she expressed her affection for him, but also her sadness at not being able to participate in the next World Youth Day in Lisbon.

"When I heard that the Day would be held in Portugal, I was very happy, because every time I see the Pope speak on television, I feel well, as if I had no illness that would prevent me from participating in the WYD."

"The doctor said that he doesn't know when I will meet Jesus, but that it will happen soon" she added with serenity.

Portuguese teenager with terminal illness cannot participate in WYD and Pope Francis responds

The Pope, immediately after reading Edna's words, responded with a touching video message lasting just over a minute, in which he repeats the word "thank you" several times:

"Edna, I received your letter, thank you! Thank you for your tenderness and thank you for the peace in your heart. This peace is like a seed planted in the hearts of all of us who see you and all those who talk to you.  Thank you! I accompany you on this journey that you are making. I accompany you and I know that you will be well received.  I accompany you by praying for you, praying with you, and looking at Jesus, who is always waiting for us. Thank you!"

Edna requested Pope Francis's prayers, and in the video message, he asked her to do the same for him.

The Holy Father then concluded, "And now I give you my blessing so that it also gives you strength on this journey."

Here is Pope Francis' video message below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Let's pray for Edna and for Pope Francis!

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