Well at least the church and artist had good intentions!

Vandals broke off and stole the head of the Baby Jesus from a statue at a Catholic church in Sudbury, Ontario in Canada last year. Replacing the whole statue would have cost around 10,000 Canadian dollars, so for months the statue simply remained headless.

Until a local artist stepped up to create a replacement.

That initial replacement, made of bright orange clay, was recently installed – and the results are striking, to say the least.

Some people see the TV character Lisa Simpson, some find it offensive, others simply find it funny.

The artist, however, says the current head is only temporary until she can make a permanent replacement from stone.

The situation reminds many people of a 2012 incident in Spain in which an elderly woman attempted an unauthorized restoration of a fading fresco, with comedic results.

Here are two news reports on the statue:

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