What a brave cardinal!

Martha MacCallum interviewed Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke about the Democratic 2020 candidates. Cardinal Burke explained why “the Catholic faith is under attack in D.C.”

MacCallum said Burke would have denied communion to 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry for his stance on abortion.

She said Burke “is putting his foot down again” against 2020 candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, saying “anti-Catholic bigotry is now considered acceptable in Washington.”

“They say that I am the enemy of the Pope–nothing can be further from the truth. I’ve never spoken against Pope Francis or spoken disrespectfully of him.”

Burke added that “the Church is in a state of great turmoil and tremendous confusion. The fruit of it is division.”

MacCallum then explains that the cardinal sees “division and misrepresentation” of the Catholic Church in Washington, D.C. by “politicians claiming to be Catholic and by those who are not.”

Cardinal Burke says, “I’ve had non-Catholic leaders of the government in this nation tell me that they were certain that the Catholic Church’s teaching on abortion and the so-called same-sex marriage and so forth, had changed, because so many Catholics on Capitol Hill regularly support this kind of legislation. And that’s a scandal.”

Cardinal Burke added that “they may not present themselves to receive Holy Communion because they are not in communion with Christ.”

MacCallum said Cardinal Burke specifically pointed to Joe Biden, saying that “he should no longer receive communion.”

“It’s not a punishment. Actually, it’s a favor to these people to tell them, ‘Don’t approach,’ Because if they approach, they commit sacrilege,” Cardinal Burke added.

Cardinal Burke also would like an apology from Kamala Harris, who questioned Federal Judge Brian Buescher’s Knights of Columbus membership.

Harris asked Buescher if he “knew the Knights of Columbus were an all-male society,” “opposed a woman’s right to choose and marriage-equality.”

“This is completely unacceptable,” Cardinal Burke told MacCallum. “Whether you’re Catholic or not, you need to look at that kind of statement for what it is and say, ‘this isn’t the person who I want to be the leader of my nation.'”

Listen to Cardinal Burke’s full interview below:

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Let us pray for all political leaders! Our Lady, please pray for them and guide them!

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