Wow! Would you do something like this if you could?

Leszek Łysoń, a Polish businessman, independently funded the world’s largest St. John Paul II monument.

That’s right, he bought it himself!

This monument of St. John Paul II stands on a hill in Częstochowa, Poland. It’s 45 feet tall and weighs 10 tons!


Łysoń organized the building of this incredible statue in gratitude of St. John Paul II’s intercession, saying the former pope helped save his five-year-old son’s life.

You can watch a short interview with Łysoń below:

The Life-Saving Miracle

In this more detailed article written by a Polish publication, Łysoń said he and his five-year-old son, Wiktor, were on a boat together, and he turned around for a second, and his son was gone.

He explained that “only the surface of the water moved slightly.”

Łysoń immediately jumped into the water. However, the article explains, “it was dark, and he could not see anything.

“But somehow he came across the sinking child and pulled him out, conscious, to the surface.”

Łysoń actually met St. Pope John Paul II in 1971, and he said his father was friends with him.

He explained that “from then on, he always felt the presence of the Holy Father.”

He also said, “during evacuation work, we dug a wooden rosary made in the Holy Land. For me it is a proof that all this is not an accident.”

What do you think of his story?

St. John Paul II, pray for us!

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