This is an amazing Christmas Eucharistic miracle!

On December 25, 2013, the St. Hyacinth’s Shrine in Legnica, Poland celebrated Christmas Mass.

During communion, a host fell to the floor. Following the Church’s instructions to respect sacred species, the priest placed the Eucharist in a container of holy water and kept it in the tabernacle.

However, two weeks later, the priest discovered that the host turned red. He told the bishop and a commission was established to observe the phenomenon.

Here’s a photo of the red host below:

Area of ​​the wafer that turned red / Parish of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Poland

Bishop Zbigniew Kiernikowski of Legnica later released a statement regarding the Forensic Medicine Department’s analysis results.

“In the histopathological image, fragments of tissue were found, which contained fragmented particles of striated muscle tissue. The whole image (…) is very similar to that of a cardiac muscle (…) that shows changes typical of an agony. DNA shows that the tissue is of human origin ” .

It was a Christmas miracle!

Fragment of transformed wafer / EWTN Poland

The bishop instructed St. Hyacinth’s Shrine parish priest Fr. Andrzej Ziombra to prepare an appropriate place for the relic to be exhibited, so that the faithful could see and venerate it. And since then, he has witnessed countless conversion stories resulted from this Eucharistic Christmas miracle.

In 2020, Fr. Andrzej Ziombra said that “my task was to collect information on miraculous cures, conversions or themes related to the pilgrimage movement, and it is already clear that there are miraculous conversions, miraculous cures…”.

“There is a person in our parish who has been hostile to the Church all his life and has even fought against it. Who also committed several crimes.

“In an inexplicable and extraordinary way, God converted him, and after 50 years, he confessed and received his First Communion. And in fact, he radically changed his life, his attitude towards God, and became a very fervent believer,” Fr. Andrzej said.

This is just one of many conversion stories resulting from this Christmas Eucharistic miracle.

“All of this is also a sign to me–a confirmation that God has sent this impulse to me all over the world, so that the whole world will meditate on the Eucharistic miracle in Legnica and ask, ‘What will God say to me through this sign?'” Fr. Andrzej concluded.

This Eucharistic miracle of Christmas 2013 seems to bring together three feats that Jesus accomplished for our salvation: a God incarnate and born as a little baby, a God who gives himself for us in the sacrifice of the Cross, and a God always waiting for us in the Eucharist.

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