What does spiritual warfare look like on the battlefield?

On a captivating episode of "The Catholic Talk Show" with hosts Ryan Scheel, Ryan Dellacrosse, and Father Rich Pagano, we meet an unsung hero of these silent battles—Caption Father Peter Pomposello.

Serving as a United States military chaplain, Father Pomposello understands firsthand the spiritual struggles the military often face.

"Without the priest, there are no sacraments; there's no experience of the Church for the soldiers," Fr. Pomposello candidly expresses, emphasizing the lifeline chaplains provide to soldiers in active combat zones.

Their service is the unique mission of bringing the Church to places where it's needed most, but often hardest to reach.

Discussing the significance of spiritual resources for soldiers, Father Pomposello stresses the essential role of sacred items, acknowledging the support from numerous organizations in providing these materials.

"There are so many Church groups that make rosaries for soldiers and that send us all gratis to get out to the soldiers and it does, it really does, make a difference,” he says.

They also trace the roots of chaplaincy, an institution deeply ingrained in our military history. According to Scheel, "One of the first things George Washington did as a leader of this country was ask for chaplains...since the very beginning of the military service in the United States, we've had chaplains."

Chaplaincy is not a modern addition, but even older than the US Army!

Fr. Pomposello's personal journey from being a commissioned infantry officer to a school teacher, before finally answering the divine call to become a chaplain, reflects unwavering dedication and resilience.

However, he also raises an alarming concern about the dwindling number of priests in chaplaincy.

He asserts, "We need young men to answer the call to the priesthood, and be there for that, and our soldiers deserve that, you know our soldiers need that."

Witnessing Fr. Pomposello's narratives unfold offers a new perspective on military life and a deep appreciation for the spiritual warfare that occurs daily in places far from our eyes.

Watch the episode below:

Let’s stand in solidarity with our soldiers on the spiritual battlefield!

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