St. Padre Pio was one of the greatest saints of the 20th century. A devoted priest, miracle-worker, and demon-fighter, he touched so many people that 100k attended his funeral.

But did you know he had a mystical vision in the final moments before his death?

After barely making it through Mass on September 22nd, 1968, the 81-year-old saint almost collapsed leaving the church. A group of his Franciscan brothers helped him and laid him in his bed.

Soon after midnight on the 23rd, he made his final confession and renewed his Franciscan vows. He was so weak he could barely speak, but was able to repeat the words “Jesus, Mary” while clutching a rosary.

Then, suddenly, around 2:30am, he perked up a bit. The saint who had had so many supernatural experiences throughout his life appeared as though he was seeing something, though no one around him saw anything special.

He managed to say, “I see two mothers,” whispered, “Maria,” then died.

What exactly did he see?

Regarding the “two mothers,” there are only a few possibilities. He could have meant he was seeing his spiritual mother Mary, Mother of God, and his biological mother. The Church is also a “Mother,” though it’s not clear how that could be manifested.

And while it might seem obvious that his last word, “Maria,” referred to the Blessed Virgin, his biological mother was also named “Maria,” so he may have been referring to her.

Either way, it seems fitting that a man whose life was full of supernatural happenings would finish his earthly life with a mystical vision.

St. Padre Pio, please pray for us!

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