Whoa! Pray for this priest!

The Catholic Traveler Mountain Burorac posted a story on Twitter over the weekend regarding an American priest living in Rome. The priest celebrated this Sunday’s Mass in several different languages, which Butorac said “was very impressive.”

However, something odd happened during the homily.

Read the full text of his story below: (Twitter screenshots below text)

“(This doesn’t end well)

“Mass this morning in St. Peter’s Basilica…

“The priest is an American living in Rome and working at the Vatican. I’m not going to mention his name.

“Mass was in English, but we had a few other languages present. During the homily he was switching languages, but not the silly bilingual Mass way. It was all very impressive.

“This was the most hardcore homily I’ve ever heard. He is a great preacher. He was talking about the rosary and sinners and hell and Satan and communion. Everyone was on the edge of their seat.

“He was getting to the conclusion of his homily, he’d just said something about Fatima and looking into hell and then looked at each of us and said ‘we need to…’

“And then he froze. It seemed like a dramatic pause. Then his face changed. He started babbling. Like a baby. More silence. The left side of his face dropped. More babbling. This went on for a full minute. And then he said amen.

“He turned to the altar for the Liturgy of the Eucharistic. A sister I know was in front of me. She’s a medical doctor. She ran to the altar to check on him. He acted like nothing had happened.

“He did the Eucharist prayer in perfect Latin, distributed communion, even prevented someone from walking off with a consecrated host. He finished Mass and headed to the sacristy.

“The sister chased him down to talk about what happened. He seemed clueless. Like nothing happened. She thinks it was a stroke.

“It was the most bizarre and scary Mass moment I’ve experienced. I’m still waiting to see if all is okay.

“Pray for this one.”

Here’s the screenshots from Butorac’s story:

@MountainButorac, Twitter

@MountainButorac, Twitter

@MountainButorac, Twitter

@MountainButorac, Twitter

@MountainButorac, Twitter

@MountainButorac, Twitter

@MountainButorac, Twitter

@MountainButorac, Twitter

@MountainButorac, Twitter

@MountainButorac, Twitter

Several users responded to Butorac with similar concerns, saying they also believed the priest suffered from a stroke. Others said they will pray for the priest.

Some users added they thought Butorac witnessed something “extraordinary,” while another user attributed it to a demonic attack.

Here’s what Twitter users said about The Catholic Traveler’s story:

This user said, “It does sound like a stroke. Praying.”

@Incomplete3131, Twitter

Another user said, “You witnessed something extraordinary. It will end well – all things happen according to God’s plan. He holds this priest in His hands. Prayers said.”

@sasso333, Twitter

This user added,  “Sounds like a demonic attack to prevent the culmination of the homily, via the appearance of a stroke or actual stroke…would love to know what the end of that homily was. / Our Lady of Fatima – Pray for us.”

@kendog78i, Twitter

What are your thoughts about The Catholic Traveler’s story?

Please pray for this priest! Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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