A giant, mysterious Celtic cross made of trees was recently discovered in a forest in Donegal county in Ireland.

UTVNews, Twitter
UTVNews, Twitter

You can watch a video of the incredible sight here.

The giant cross was only recently spotted by airplane passengers flying into a local airport. And it really is huge: comprising of hundreds of trees, it’s estimated to be at least 100m long and 70 m wide.

Amazingly, no one seemed to know who made it or how long it had been there.

An investigation by UTV found the answer: local forester Liam Emmery secretly created the image years ago by planting two different kinds trees, telling few people about it outside his family. His wife Norma said she had forgotten about the image since Liam died 6 years ago. Prior to his death, he had been very sick and suffered brain damage. The image is especially visible this year due to a dry autumn.

Isn’t it beautiful? Praise the Lord!

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