How Amazing!

The power of confession is already alive at World Youth Day 2019!

Check out this incredible photo of young people receiving the sacrament of reconciliation:

(These are all confession stations!)


Caroline Bortle / ChurchPOP

Here are some close-up images of the WYD confession stations:

Jonah McKeown, Catholic News Agency / EWTN

Jonah McKeown, Catholic News Agency / EWTN

Important fact: Inmates built 250 of these stations just especially for World Youth Day!

St. John Bosco is one of the patron saints of World Youth Dayand he said some wonderful things about the power of confession.

“Do you want to become saints? Here is the secret: confession is the lock; confidence in your confessor is the key. This is how you open heaven’s gate.”

St. John Bosco, please pray for the success of World Youth Day 2019!

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