When it comes to psychics, the devil is in the details.

Even the most skeptical among us can’t help but wonder how a psychic or medium can discern intimate details about a person’s life. “How could they know this about me?’

Actually, it’s easier than you think. Once a person becomes familiar with the demonic powers, the answer to this question becomes a “no-brainer.”

The New York Times recently wandered into this shadowy subject a few weeks ago in an article featuring people becoming believers after a psychic made amazing revelations about them.

For example, a psychic medium hosted a group reading while approaching one of the participants, and told her that her deceased mother wanted to give her advice about redecorating a room.

The recipient of this message was astonished because she was in the process of redoing her home and some of the details the psychic provided were right on the mark.

“How would she possibly know that? I’m a believer now,” the woman exclaimed.

Another woman commenting on the article wrote: “I went to my first psychic determined to prove her for the fraud that she was.

Until she told me everything that I had written the night before in an application, verbatim.

“And she told me exactly what I did for a living, which was the intersection of 3 fields, that she could not have guessed. Someday I’ll learn the nature of the world that enables people to see what others can’t. And I’d love to learn.”

As amazing as these revelations might sound, they’re not in the least bit mysterious to anyone who understands what kind of power Satan has and how he uses it.

For example, we know from Scripture and Tradition that Satan is an angel, which is a preternatural being.

St. Thomas Aquinas, one of the most brilliant thinkers in the history of our race, was given the greatest amount of information from God about the angels.

He tells us that an angel’s most outstanding traits is his exalted knowledge and intelligence. Theologians often often refer to them as “minds” or “intellectual beings”.

They have such a penetrating intelligence that they can understand an entire field of science in one glance.

In his book, The Unseen World, Cardinal Lepicier explains that this one glance can take in a whole field of science the way our glance can take in a view of nice scenery.

What we learn in increments, they know instantly. For example, when they look at a body, they instantly know everything about it, even down to the DNA.

It goes without saying that their possession of these abilities (and many other fantastic qualities that are not necessarily germane to this article) makes them completely capable of knowing how a woman was redecorating her house or what information another put on a job application.

For a demon, this is nothing short of a cakewalk, as is relaying this information to a gullible psychic who has already opened his or herself to his influence.

The moral of this story is that some psychics do indeed have the power to know intimate and otherwise unknowable facts about the lives of strangers, but where they get that information is something that should alarm the discerning Christian.

We all need to develop the discerning attitude displayed by a gentleman who posted a comment on the Times article.

“A few years ago walking down Robson Street in Vancouver BC , I was stopped by a Fortune Teller and asked ‘Do you want a card reading?’ I replied ‘How come you don’t already know my answer?’”

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