Praise God for the gift of technology!

Reports circulating the internet said a robot named “Colossus” greatly assisted in Notre Dame’s fire rescue efforts.

The 1100-pound robot, created by French company Shark Robotics,  used a water cannon to shoot almost 700 gallons through the cathedral’s most dangerous fire areas.

According to this Fox News report, “Colossus is about 2.5 feet wide and 5.25 feet long, and can be operated by a joystick from almost 1,000 feet away.”

Paris Fire Brigade commander Jean-Claude Gallet said Colossus “lowered temperatures” in the cathedral and “saved human lives amid the unfolding disaster.”

Fire Brigade spokesman Gabriel Plus told The Times of London that “time was against us, the wind was against us, and we had to get the upper hand.”

“The priority we set was to save the two belfries. Imagine if the timber of the belfries had been weakened and the bells had collapsed.

“That was really our fear. In the beginning, it was not impossible to imagine that the cathedral structure could collapse,” Plus added.

The Shark Robotics website explains that Colossus can extinguish fires, transport equipment, is waterproof and fireproof, can climb stairs, and its battery lasts for up to eight hours.


Here’s Shark Robotic’s Instagram post about the Notre Dame fire:

@sharkrobotics, Instagram

The post reads, “Shark Robotics was proud to support @pompiers_paris in the rescue of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris with the Colossus robot. We share the immense sadness that today inhabits all French people. / Photo credits: @pompiers_paris“.

Here’s another photo of the robot saving Notre Dame:


Thank you, Lord, for the power of technology! 🙏 🙌 

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