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We’ve all heard the big names of crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe, KickStarter, Indiegogo and Razoo. When we think of these sites, we associate them with heartwarming campaigns – families and friends working to raise money for cancer patients, medical expenses, donations to nonprofits, mission trips and helping others in need. These are all causes that pro-lifers can wholeheartedly support, keeping in line with the idea that all life has dignity, and that its sanctity must be upheld and supported.

However, as crowdfunding has gained popularity, more users are creating campaigns for pro-choice groups – women seeking abortion money and patients wanting funding for physician-assisted suicide.

A GoFundMe campaign called “Stop Bailey From Breeding” used the crowdfunding site to raise money for an abortion for a girl named Bailey. The campaign was eventually shut down by GoFundMe, but not before a sizeable amount of money was raised. It is saddening to see that in Bailey’s time of despair and dire need, people were willing to give her money to end her child’s life instead of showing her love and support.

While these types of campaigns endure on the crowdfunding sites, other efforts to raise money in alignment with pro-life values are shut down. GoFundMe refused to host a campaign raising money for Ellinor Grimmark, a nurse in Sweden denied employment because she refused to assist in abortions.

The Grimmark family campaign found a home on WonderWe, and the family worked with WonderWe to promote pro-life issues and freedom of conscience.  In a campaign for a pro-life movie about abortionist Kermit Gosnell, an independent film company started a fundraiser with Kickstarter. However, shortly after it launched, Kickstarter censored the page because of the “controversial subject matter.” This is the same crowdfunding page that is currently hosting a campaign for a pro-choice film called “The Provider,” about an abortionist trying to keep abortion legal in Texas. How does that not also fall under the banner of “controversial subject matter?”

Instead of raising money for a woman to terminate a pregnancy, let’s create campaigns to raise money for the child’s daycare, diapers, adoption fees, and mother’s prenatal medical expenses.  Let’s raise the money that the women in crisis pregnancies need to relieve the financial stress that is leading them to choose abortion.

WonderWe is the solution for pro-life crowdfunding.  It has all of the features of the big name sites, but it also embraces traditional values that other sites sometimes reject.

WonderWe is a safe site to create campaigns that promote the culture of life. Campaign organizers never have to worry about their pro-life campaign being removed or having to be side-by-side with a campaign promoting abortion or physician-assisted suicide.

Next time you are looking to raise some funds for the March for Life trip, sidewalk advocacy, support for a new mother, or another pro-life cause, choose WonderWe. You can create a free fundraising page in just a few minutes and be assured that the company’s values align with your own pro-life values.

You can learn more about WonderWe here.

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