Praise God Almighty! This priest is a true hero!

Paris Fire Brigade’s Chaplain Father Jean-Marc Fournier heroically entered the Notre Dame Cathedral to save Jesus’ crown of thorns relic and the Blessed Sacrament.

According to a Newsweek article, the former Afghanistan veteran and priest “demanded he be allowed into the cathedral with the firefighters to retrieve one of its holiest relics.”

Here’s a photo of this brave priest on Twitter:

@Eloraillere, Twitter

Translated, the tweet reads, “Father Fournier, Chaplain of the @PompiersParis, went with firefighters in the Cathedral #NotreDame to save the Crown of thorns and the Blessed Sacrament…”

This Crown of Thorns preserved at the Notre Dame Cathedral is considered the original relic placed on Jesus’ head during his Passion.

Here’s a photo of the relic:

@CatholicArena, Twitter

Newsweek also reported that Fr. Fournier has a history of service in crisis situations.

He served for seven years in France’s armed forces, including a “deployment to Afghanistan” and “survived an ambush that killed 10 of his fellow soldiers.”

Fr. Fournier also prayed over and absolved victims of the 2015 Bataclan theatre attack in Paris, where the Islamic State state killed 89 people.

Thank you, Fr. Fournier for your service and bravery!

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