Please pray for Poland!

Pro-abortion supporters protested in Poland after “the Polish Constitutional tribunal approved a measure to restrict abortion last month.”

The restriction bans abortion, except in cases of rape or incest. The abortion law previously allowed abortion in cases of fetal abnormalities, which Poland recently ruled unconstitutional.

TFP Student Action reported the violent protests against peaceful, pro-life Catholics, churches, and statues.

“Anti-family activists used physical violence against peaceful Catholics, invaded churches, defaced statues of the saints, and interrupted Sunday Masses,” TFP explains.

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While leading a rosary outside the Warsaw’s Holy Cross Basilica, a pro-abortion activist attacked Catholic TFP member Stanislaw Sadowski. The pro-abortion activist pulled the microphone out Sadowski’s hand, damaging the speaker.

Surrounding Catholics then began yelling “aggressor!” while Warsaw police worked to contain the situation. The report adds that another agitator struck a Catholic with a selfie stick.

Here’s the report below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above. 

TFP Student Action says “Catholics in Poland are requesting prayers,” as violence and protests against Catholics continue.

“Our situation in very hard here in Poland,” Polish resident Misia Ptak told TFP. “Many churches are being profaned and vandalized. Young men who protect them are getting injured with bottles, batons and rocks. I would be grateful if you would share our fight…”

Our Lady of Czestochowa, please pray for peace in Poland! 🙏🙏🙏

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