THIS is why we March for Life!

Thousands of pro-lifers across the nation posted their support for the biggest pro-life rally of the year: The March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Twitter users exploded the social media platform with the hashtags #MarchforLife and #WhyWeMarch. Many users gave their testimonies as to why they March for Life.

Here’s some popular tweets below:

Catholic News Agency editor-in-chief JD Flynn thanked marchers for their pro-life advocacy, along with a photo of his two children with disabilities.


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Flynn’s full tweet reads, “I’m the adoptive [dad] of two kids with significant disabilities. / Thank you, pro-lifers, for marching for the lives of people like them. / And thank you for loving them after they were born, too. #WhyWeMarch.”

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also tweeted his support for the March for Life.

Here’s his tweet below:

@mikepompeo, Twitter

Along with family photos, Pompeo wrote, “Many families have their own stories. This is our family’s story… / “It is because of two courageous young mothers who chose life that our family was made complete with our beautiful niece, Emily, and nephew, James. This is #WhyWeMarch.”

Pontifical Academy for Life president Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia thanked God for marchers’ “commitment to human life and dignity.”

@PagliaAbp, Twitter

Archbishop Paglia’s full post reads, “We thank God for the commitment to human life and dignity shown today by the participants, including the American President, in the 47th #MarchForLife for Life in Washington. @PontAcadLife“.

Departing Democratic Louisiana Rep. Katrina Jackson tweeted her March for Life support with Louisiana First Lady Donna Edwards, Louisiana Right to Life Executive Director Benjamin Clapper, and NFL player Ben Watson.

Here’s her post below:

@SenatorKRJ, Twitter

Along with four photos, Jackson’s full tweet reads, “March for Life with @FirstLadyOfLA and Ben Watson Former New Orleans Saints and current New England Patriots and Benjamin Clapper!!! / We fight for Life!!!! @BenjaminSWatson @ClapperBen”.

Several mothers also posted their support for the pro-life event.

Daily Signal senior writer Kelsey Bolar expressed why she stands for life:

@kelseybolar, Twitter

Along with two photos of her daughter, Bolar wrote, “This past September, my baby girl was born at 31 weeks. Here’s a picture of us then, and here’s a picture of us now. / It’s hard to believe that at this stage of pregnancy, abortion is still legal in seven states and the District of Colombia. / This is why I #stand4life and #MarchForLife”.

Daily Wire senior editor Emily Zanotti also expressed her support for the March:

@emzanotti, Twitter

Along with photos of her twin babies, Zanotti tweeted, “In honor of the #MarchForLife, we’re going with a throwback BABY BREAK, from the day we found out there were TWO. Still chillin’ in the same pose.”

Pregnant Heritage Foundation education policy analyst Mary Clare Amselem tweeted her thoughts about the March for Life. She said it makes her “sick” to think she could legally abort her 31-week-old baby in seven states.

Here’s Amselem’s post below:

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Accompanied by an ultrasound photo, Amselem’s full tweet reads, “At 31 weeks, I’m just nine short weeks away from meeting my little man. / But it makes me sick to think that if tomorrow I decided I wanted to deny my son’s humanity, I could get still get an abortion in seven states, and my hometown of D.C. That’s not empowerment. / #WhyWeMarch #MarchForLife”.

Native American pro-lifers also marched, contradicting last year’s Native American group who smeared pro-lifer Nick Sandmann.

Here’s the tweet below:

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Accompanied by a video, the full tweet reads, “A group of Native American pro-lifers were beating drums and holding ‘Abortion is not the Native way’ signs at the @March_for_Life today. Listen to Anthony share why they came to D.C. to stand for life.”

Pro-life speaker Rebecca Kiessling was conceived in rape. She marched for life in Washington, D.C., posting her witness via Twitter.

Here’s her tweet below:

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Kiessling’s full tweet reads, “I was conceived in rape and I love my life. Please tell Congressmen to stop targeting my people group as exceptions within otherwise #ProLife legislation! / #EqualProtection #NoExceptions #MarchForLife #WhyWeMarch”.

Some Congressmen tweeted videos confirming their dedication to protecting the unborn.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said he is “grateful for the tireless commitment of those marching…”

Here’s Paul’s post below:

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Senator Paul’s full tweet reads, “I am grateful for the tireless commitment of those marching to stand up for the unborn. May the message heard today and the marchers’ passionate dedication inspire change to reaffirm this most basic of rights. #MarchForLife #WhyWeMarch”.

Louisiana House Rep. Steve Scalise published a video supporting the March for Life, saying that “every life matters.”

Here’s Scalise’s video below:

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Rep. Scalise’s full tweet reads, “We march to say every life matters. / We march to say innocent life is worth protecting. / We march to say we will always fight for the unborn. / We march to say taxpayers shouldn’t fund Planned Parenthood. / #WhyWeMarch #MarchForLife”.

Sister Andrew Marie of the Daughters of St. Paul also posted her moving testimony about marching for life. She explained how as a baby, doctors said she “wouldn’t have a productive life” and “would be a vegetable.”

Here’s her amazing story below:

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Along with a photo of herself as a baby in the hospital relying on supplemental oxygen, Sister Marie said, “Many said this baby wouldn’t survive. Then, they said she wouldn’t have a productive life and would be a ‘vegetable’…they were wrong. I was fine. Praise and glory to God!”

Praise God for life! THIS is Why we March!

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