What a beautiful testimony of life and total surrender to God’s will!

Jennifer Snowden, a recurring cast member of Bravo’s Southern Charm, spoke about the miraculous healing of her son in this Daily Mail article.

According to the article, when she was 15 weeks pregnant, doctors told her that her baby had a “rare neural tube defect,” called encephalocele. The condition causes part of the brain to come out of the skull.

Doctors, her family and the baby’s father favored an abortion.

Until she reached 23 weeks, she “was on the verge of terminating her pregnancy.”

But a conversation with a hairstylist changed her heart and outlook on the situation.

The hairstylist told Snowden, “You don’t know what God can heal in the womb and you don’t have to be so sad. You’re sad because of this weighty decision but you just have to pray.”

She then said, ‘I tore up the abortion papers and every single night I said a novena to St. Joseph and St. Gerard.” (St. Gerard is the patron saint of expectant mothers)

Snowden continued, “I made God a promise. I promised him that if he healed my baby, I would use the platform of the show to tell everyone what He’d done.” 

“I wanted my child to be a beacon of hope for other women, the one that I had looked for but couldn’t find.’’

About two months before the baby arrived, she had a second MRI, which revealed a miraculous healing.

She explained, “It showed that his brain was healing itself, and at that point, I just thought if I had faith, miracles could happen…”

During her son’s delivery, she recalled that 23 doctors were present. She said they “split me open as wide as possible,” but that she “would do it all over again.”

Snowden could not hold her baby for two days because he had to endure surgery immediately after birth.

However, she brought him home five days after delivery.

Here’s some 2017 photos of her baby boy, Ascher:

@jennifersnowden, Instagram


@jennifersnowden, Instagram

Two years later, she has a healthy, growing boy!

@jennifersnowden, Instagram

@jennifersnowden, Instagram

@jennifersnowden, Instagram

@jennifersnowden, Instagram

Snowden expressed that she felt she never had a purpose in life until Ascher.

“Ascher is my purpose, and sharing his story, so that maybe even just one woman who’s in the position I was in, sees there is hope.’

How beautiful life is, especially when we put our total trust in God!

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