There’s a picture of a particularly vile anti-Christian pro-abortion sign that’s been going viral on social media recently. Maybe you’ve seen it already? It reads: “If Mary had had an abortion we wouldn’t be in this mess.” This of course is blasphemous.

The picture is usually shared as an example of the crudity of the recent Women’s March on Washington. There’s only one problem: the picture was taken in 2011.

It’s a real photo of a real sign that was held by real people, but not at the recent Women’s March. Rather, it was held by pro-abortion counter-protesters at the Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco in 2011.

Aaron Earls at The Wardrobe Door discovered that Catholic author and radio personality Jennifer Fulwiler took a picture of the same sign (though not the exact picture being shared) and included it a blog post debriefing her experience at the Walk for Life in 2011.

She wrote of the sign in 2011: “A focus of many of the signs was graphic, unbelievably crude sexual insults involving Jesus and Mary. This disgusting sign below is one of the few I can post a picture of, as it was, amazingly, one of the milder messages.” She added: “Some of them put on little impromptu plays where they’d pretend to be Jesus or Mary and pantomime lurid sexual acts, shouting profanity-laden narration all the while.”

All terrible. Just not from the recent Women’s March.

Yes, the Women’s March was pro-abortion and pro-sexual perversion, celebrating these things in their platform and speakers, and people held signs supporting these things as well. But not this sign.

The pro-life movement is based on truth. So don’t spread this fake news!

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