Do abstinence days frustrate you during Lent, especially when eating out?

I’m sure we’ve all felt a little agitated during the Lenten season. Abstaining from meat can be challenging. Fish restaurants make eating out during Lent frustrating because they are often overcrowded.

However, avoiding popular fish restaurants is possible. Several cuisines offer meatless options.

Here’s a Lenten guide to meatless foods that do NOT require you to enter overcrowded a popular fish restaurant.

1) Mexican Food

Mexican cuisine or related food offers a wide variety of meatless options. If you’re worried about protein, try ordering a bean and cheese burrito.

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If you’re worried about gluten, order a corn tortilla. If you prefer salads, order the salad without the meat. If eating out is not an option, try these meatless Mexican recipes.

There are so many alternatives!

2) Asian Food

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Chinese and Japanese restaurants offer many meatless options.

Most Chinese buffets offer shrimp and fish. Japanese restaurants also offer hibachi grills where you can order fish instead of meat. Sushi is also a good option, as it is normally packed with fish.

You can also cook your own Asian food. Here’s a website with 10 vegetarian Asian recipes.

3) Italian Food

All Italian restaurants serve pasta, bread and fish. Just order your favorite dish without the meat, substitute for fish, add some cheese and a salad, and you have a full-blown meal!

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Or, cook your own meal at home with these 13 vegetarian Italian recipes.

4) American Fast Food

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If you’re in a hurry, many of the fast food American restaurants offer fish sandwiches during Lent. Arby’s, McDonald’s and Wendy’s normally have this menu option throughout the season.

5) Parish Function

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While this isn’t exactly a type of cuisine, many parishes offer a fish fry on Friday evenings throughout the Lenten season. This is just one example, so be sure to check your local bulletin or parish website for more information!

Is there anything else you would add to the list? Happy fasting!

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