This is such an incredible film!

Television host, producer, and podcaster Mike Rowe created a new film telling several stories about many heroes who defended American liberties through their bravery and virtue.

Rowe is known for his work on Discovery Channel in the television series "Dirty Jobs" and on CNN. He is an actor, narrator, and former opera singer.

According to the film's description,

"Rowe takes viewers on a captivating adventure that uncovers some of the lesser-known stories in American history. From the American Revolution to World War II, the Civil Rights movement and beyond, viewers will be fascinated by the accounts of these brave men and women who gave us something to stand for."

While many are not well-known, Rowe assures audiences that these stories are about well-known people.

In an interview with Jacqueline Burkepile, Rowe explains how these American stories can resonate with Christians.

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"When you know the story, whether it's the story of the Gospel or the story of our country, or the story of your own family tree, when you really understand where you came from and what debts were paid on your behalf once upon a time, well, you're either grateful for that, you're either gobsmacked by that...But when you learn the truth of a thing, I think spreading it is one of the great privileges."

Rowe says America "is nothing short of a miracle." He also says he hopes his viewers take "gratitude" and "grace" from the film.

"If the movie encourages a heightened level of gratitude, that would be terrific," he says.

Rowe also assures the audience that the film is not a political movie, but a patriotic one.

"First things first, you know, we're Americans and we're joined together by a basic and common list of beliefs. And so if we can hang on to that then I can I suspect we can survive most anything."

Listen to the full Mike Rowe interview here.

"Something to Stand For" hits theaters on June 27. Get your tickets through Fathom Events.

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