Live Action founder Lila Rose revealed that Twitter prohibits her from running ads unless she deletes specific pro-life content from her website and Twitter posts.

The pro-life advocate said in this Twitter post that the social media platform banned her account, as well as the Live Action account, from advertising.

When she asked why, they told her she must delete certain content from her Twitter account and her website.

Here’s the full Twitter post below:

@LilaGraceRose, Twitter

Rose’s full tweet reads, “Twitter banned @LiveAction & my account from all ads. When we asked why, @Twitter said we could resume ads, only if we deleted the following content from our Twitter AND website:

-Anything about abortion procedures
-Investigations of Planned Parenthood
-All ultrasound images”

This is not the first time Rose experienced this problem with Twitter.

In Sept. of last year, she said her account had been “banned from advertising for years.” She also explained that the social media platform fully denies her claims.

Here’s last year’s tweet:

Click here if you cannot see the tweet above. 

Rose’s full tweet reads, “@Jack says @Twitter does not ban content based on “viewpoint or ideology.” / He’s wrong. / My account and @LiveAction’s account have been banned from advertising for years. Because we’re pro-life. / Twitter told us our videos, tweets, and even our website content is ‘inflammatory.'”

Rose even released the emails proving these claims. Click here to read her email communication with Twitter.

Multiple users responded to her recent tweet with complaints about Twitter, as well as with encouragement for Rose. Some even labeled Twitter as “horrible,” accused them of “discrimination” and called them “the new China.”

Here’s how others responded:

@OrlandoPix, Twitter

This user said, “@twitter stand up for life. Crying out loud!”


@mcsracic, Twitter

This user added,  “The out of sight out of mind motive playing here. The truth hurts and is hard to accept. Much banter is evident everyday on twitter, and the majority not censored or removed. Why? Most is not true. Thus no harm to their position. Speak the truth, they shun away out of guilt.”

@Katerin98325956, Twitter

Another user said, “Fight the good fight. Persevere. They have a voice too.”

Let us pray for an end to unjust censorship! Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

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