Multiple social media users celebrated the attack of celebrity Brazilian priest Fr. Marcelo Rossi, but multiple users gloriously came to the priest’s defense.

On Sunday, ChurchPOP reported that a young woman at a Brazilian youth conference pushed Fr. Marcelo Rossi off the stage. Police reportedly said the woman actually suffers from mental illness.

Here’s some posts celebrating the priest’s attack:

@abedelrey, Twitter

This user, whose post went viral with almost 7 million video views, 1,600 retweets, and more than 5,000 likes, referred to the attacker as a “queen.”

He said, “This Queen pushed the anti-gay priest off the stage 😌😌😌😌.”

Another user said she is “so grateful” someone pushed Fr. Rossi off the stage.

Here’s the post:

@mattproblemss, Twitter

Alongside a video of the attack, the full tweet reads, “There’s maybe 3 friends of mine who would actually push a Catholic priest off the altar in front of 50K people, but y’all know who you are, and for that I’m so grateful. 😭🙌🏼🙏🏼”

Multiple Twitter users came to Fr Rossi’s defense, as well as Christianity in general.

Here’s what some people said:

Responding to the user who referred to the young woman as a “queen,” this user told him to “do his research.”

Here’s the full tweet:

@bluesussertod, Twitter

The full tweet reads, “First: he’s not anti-gay. / Second: he struggled with depression not long ago and does an amazing job raising awareness for the matter. / Third: he’s nationally famous and one of [the greatest] Brazilian icons of all time, being very successful and known as a good, pacific person. / Do your research.”

Another user said, “It’s happening…slowly but surly Christians will be targeted for their ‘hatred against humanity.'”

Here’s the full tweet below:

@wildolivetree11, Twitter

The full tweet reads, “It’s happening… slowly but surely Christians will be targeted for their ‘hatred against humanity.’ / I can’t wait to go to jail for my intolerant beliefs. / These are the final days.”

Another user explained that “violence is not the answer to push your views on others.”

@brianycus, Twitter

The full tweet reads, “As much as one disagrees with what others think, violence is not the answer to push your views on others. It’s a shameful tactic and one that is really childish.”

Another user posted a full thread defending Fr. Rossi.

Here’s what he said:

@inflammateomnia, Twitter

@inflammateomnia, Twitter

@inflammateomnia, Twitter

His thread reads, “2009: ‘How does two women getting married affect you?’ / 2019: ‘Your religion must celebrate homosexuality or else we’ll inflict violence on you.’

“‘This is only one person’ / In this video, yes. But the fact is that she is being applauded by hundreds of people online.”

“So save the ‘this is needlessly divisive.’ She may be one person (and even have a mental illness), but there are countless tweets from users with rainbow flags in their bio praising her actions. Spare me from that false compassion.”

What are your thoughts?

Please pray for our priests!

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