Rumors are spreading that, in some secret corner of Vatican City, PokémonGO players can find the ultra-rare mythical pokémon “god” Arceus.

PokémonGO is an augmented-reality smartphone game in which players must visit real-world locations in order to find and capture virtual-world pokémon. It has become an overnight worldwide phenomenon and is now one of the biggest mobile games in history.

Like many public places around the world, St. Peter’s square is swarming with players of the game. They say you can dependably find pokémon at the window from which Pope Francis does the Angelus, as well as the fountains in the square.

The Church has been responding to the uber-popular game in various ways. One bishop tweeted out photos of him catching pokémon. Another used the opportunity to exhort people to search for Jesus: “You might never find a Pikachu, but I promise you this – Search for Jesus, and you’ll find Him every time. Let #PokemonGO. Go #FindGOD.”

Here’s a news report on the phenomenon:

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