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Saintly Heart founders and authors of the Encyclopedia of Peg Saints Michael and Maggie Jetty recently announced on their business page that they are expecting another child.

The soon-to-be parents of four posted an amazing sonogram of their unborn child appearing to make the Sign of the Cross!

Here’s the sonogram image below:

@saintly_heart, Instagram

The full text reads, “Interrupting our saint feed to share this beautiful image of life. 💕 Our sweet baby girl at 19 weeks in the womb already blessing herself by making the Sign of the Cross. 😉✝️💕🎀 Life is so precious!”

The image received multiple positive responses.

Here’s how some people reacted below:

@thenaturalhealingproject, Instagram

This user said, “This is amazing!”

@lamadreburris, Instagram

Another user added, “This makes my heart happy. 💕”

@anabethhahn, Instagram

This user also said, “Beautiful! Congratulations!!!”

What do you think of the sonogram image?

Do you think she’s making the Sign of the Cross?

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