Numerous television networks refused ads for the Pure Flix film, Unplanned, including HGTV and Hallmark Channel, to name a few.

The A&E Networks-owned Lifetime channel, and the Discovery-owned Cooking Channel, HGTV, Food Network, and Travel Channel, all refused to run the film’s ad due to “the sensitive nature of the film,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

However, Lifetime, whose parent companies are Hearst Corporation and the Walt Disney Company,  aired an interview with Scarlet Johansson promoting Planned Parenthood.

The Hallmark Channel and USA Network, owned by NBCUniversal, also refused to air the ad.

Due to its R-rating, Christian radio networks and UPtv also refused.

Fox News, the Christian Broadcasting Network, and conservative talk radio were the only media outlets to accept the ad.

None of the networks responded when The Hollywood Reporter reached out to them for comment.

Futhermore, Pure Flix could not gain mainstream music licensing for the film. Disney, Universal Music, Sony/ATV and Round Hill Music were amongst at least six companies who refused to allow their music in the film.

Live Action Founder Lila Rose tweeted the Hollywood Reporter’s article, calling the networks’ refusals to air the ad “absurd.”

Here’s her tweet below:

Click here if you cannot see the tweet above.

Rose’s tweet reads, “Absurd. Nearly all networks rejected ads for Unplanned-why? ‘Because of the sensitive nature’ of the film.

“There are 2800 abortions a day in America. Planned Parenthood is practically an arm of our gov. The widespread media coverup does damage to all of us.”

Unplanned Producers Respond

Unplanned producer John Sullivan told the Hollywood Reporter that “we were looking to spend money, but they didn’t want to get involved.”

Joe Knopp, another Unplanned producer, added, “Most of the networks didn’t go into detail beyond citing the subject matter of the film and that they didn’t want to get into politics. But we don’t believe we’re in the political category.”

The Hollywood reporter said “to make up for lack of revenue,” Pure Flix “marketers have been relying on more innovative techniques.”

MyPillow founder Mike Lindell invested $1 million into the film. Pure Flix also debuted Unplanned at February’s Conservative Political Action Conference.

Please pray for the success of Unplanned! Buy your tickets here!

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